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Handling multilingual translation projects requires careful planning and coordination.

A translation agency should have extensive experience and ensure that quality isn’t compromised throughout the process while delivering the projects on time. Without an established system, the cycle will yield wasted time and money.

Communication, concentration, and control are three key factors throughout the cycle, and each member should be intentional in applying them.

But the leadership and focus of project managers are major contributing factors to getting things done. Hiring project manager isn’t a walk in the park.

As a multilingual translation agency, working with high-profile clients, we search for “diamonds” and not just “stones.” 5-10 years of experience is indispensable, including good character. They’re passionate and comfortable working in a diverse environment and keep their cool amidst the pressure and demands.


The project manager as the “Captain of the Ship”

Project managers oversee the project from inception to completion. Focus, organized and flexible – they know what’s happening throughout the project cycle.

Client’s requirements are clear for the whole team, and communications – internal and external are consistent.

For example, at 5CTranslations, the project managers who handle multilingual translation projects have more than 5-year experience in the industry.

They are exposed in a cross-cultural working environment and understand the working habits of their colleagues, including communication patterns, verbiage, and “jargons” that they use as they work on various technical and non-technical projects.

Non-negotiable traits:

  • Communicate with clients and understand the requirements as clearly as possible. Always ask questions.
  • They should be bilingual and skillful to communicate the requirements to the assigned team.
  • Self-starters and initiators – as they will be the one to streamline the communication and deliverables.
  • Straightforward and have endless backup plans for unprecedented scenarios.
  • Have a well-thought communication system to handle external and internal communications daily.
  • Digitally-savvy and use the latest project management tools to streamline the processes.

Combining the leadership role of projects managers and the 3Cs, there is a higher chance to “wow” global clients.


As soon as the client enquires or submits a form via the website, the business relationship starts. The next 24-48 hours are critical. This will make or break the project.

Once the requirements are discussed, the project managers will be in the loop to ensure that the team of translators know exactly what to do.

Daily updates among team members cultivates accountability and speed up the work.


Changes and additional requests are inevitable throughout the process.

The greatest challenge is when clients don’t know what they want, they ask the team to do something and then require several revisions. We help clients in their decision-making process, providing insights to help them understand the market and the audience.

Then we focus on priorities.

Concentrate on priorities but never lose sight of the main objectives.

During the planning stage, we list down the priorities and then categorize them from requiring minimal supervision to critical ones.



To have control in this context means that the project manager and the team ensure that the deliverables matched the client’s requirements.

The translator doesn’t work alone. While translating, there’s someone on the queue to proofread, edit and validate the work for the second time.

But it doesn’t end there.

Everyone – proofreaders, editors, and translators – is working simultaneously, especially if the project is a same-day submission type.

Someone has to be at the end of the line, having the eagle’s eye to correct, proofread and exercise Quality Control for consistency and accuracy.

As each language has its parameters when it comes to writing and reading, like Hebrew having to start from right to left, the layout and design of letters and among others, Quality Control is, and will always be the implemented regardless of the type of projects.