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There are more than 1 billion YouTube users as of this writing and it’s available in more than 88 countries. Global companies are taking advantage of this huge video consumption that’s why they include localization as part of the digital marketing strategy and business growth.

YouTube has its own local channels in these 88 countries. Vodafone, too, understands that having separate channels – from the Ghana to Albania – is an effective way to engage with viewers. Multilingual videos are good investments because some people are not fond of reading and would rather watch videos.

Here are 3 tips for localizing videos to ensure viewers stay engaged, entertained and educated.

Know your audience and work with native speakers

Each video platform has a set of rules. And sometimes they change – be it the structure of microdata, the length of video for advertisement, and algorithms.

Focusing on analytics and number of viewers is tempting. But neglecting the audience themselves – know their online habits, spending habits and what they want to see – is detrimental to business.

Working with a team of dedicated consultants – who knows the trends, market, language, and culture – can help you localize videos in multilingual languages.

Three things that you should look for a team who will handle the project:

  1. They are native speakers of the region you’re targeting.
  2. They have a seamless project management system.
  3. And lastly, they have proven track record and have worked with high-profile clients.

Takeaway solution: Let the experts do it for you instead of figuring things out by yourself. A free business consultation will give you an idea about the market. For example, if you want to publish an ad via video on Facebook, mid-roll video ads will be limited to 15 seconds only. If your English video’s core message can be delivered within that 15-sec allotted time, translated videos in Korean or Hebrew or Arabic without compromising the message.

Microdata, keywords, and algorithms for visibility

Keyword research and knowing the right metatags can give video publishers higher chances of exposure. Building a list of these keywords and tags on English video platforms is not as difficult as when you target non-English speaking countries. You need to use the localized keywords.

A native speaker or SEO specialist in your targeted region can help to providing the right keywords, whether in Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese or Chinese.

Studying the algorithms and proper format of the snippets will likely get the videos indexed on search results.

Even the English keywords have differences. Britons would type “how to make crisps” while Americans would probably search “how to make potato chips.”

Takeaway solution: Find out how these online video platforms use the structured data and rich snippets drive views from the SEO perspective. Work with native speakers and SEO specialists to make the most out of your multilingual video SEO

Translation and voice-over

Transcribing the video and then translating it to the audience’s target language is part of the localization. Short snippets of videos – maybe 5-10 minutes – could probably have the transcription and translation all together finished in one day.

You need a native translator who’s also skilled in writing and editing to ensure that grammar is correct; the sentences should be coherent and sounds natural when spoken.

Long videos and multiple videos – from 20 minutes or more perhaps need more time and a dedicated team of translators, transcribers, and proofreaders to finish it.

Each language has its own parameters. And once the translated speech is finished, a native speaker of your target region can work on the voice-over.

It’s recommended that you also should know the variations of dialects, like for example the Latin American Spanish and the European Spanish.

Takeaway solution: Don’t gamble on machine translations. A professionally transcribed and translated speech for a voice-over promotional video will save you more time and money, plus the valuable service of adding a cultural touch on phrases, idiomatic expressions, and the right choice of words.

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